Dance Categories

A routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, cartwheels, etc. Can contain gymnastics passes. Majority of routine must be acrobatic moves. Can contain flexibility or contortionist moves. Any skills requiring mats need to be provided by the studio.
Any ballet routine performed in soft slippers.
Cheer/Pom Pon
A routine incorporating the use of pom pons. Should use precise and definite movement. Will be judged on both pom pon technique and dance steps. Mats required for stunts.
Any basic routine utilizing both traditional or modern clogging technique and music.
Modern and lyrical dance moves showing technique & expression in a controlled sequence. Tricks allowed.
Hip Hop
Music video and street-style inspired movements to non-traditional music. No limit on tricks.
Any basic jazz routine. Tricks allowed.
A routine performed with deep emotion and utilizing the lyrics in a direct and affecting manner. Tricks allowed.
A form of dance based on interpretation or other origin of dance, performed in an abstract or contemporary mode. Tricks allowed.
Musical Theater
A routine performed in any shoes and fashioned after a Broadway or Hollywood musical. Any style of dance is allowed. Tricks also allowed.

Folk routines, comedy routines, pantomime routines, character routines, etc. Tricks allowed.
Open Category
Any of the listed categories of dance may be in open if you are performing two routines in the same category, or if your routine does not fit any of the listed categories. Tricks allowed.
Any routine performed in hard toe shoes.
Song and Dance
Any routine (ballet, tap, jazz, etc.) performed with a song. Vocals may not be pre-recorded. Tricks allowed.
This MUST be "student choreographed" with NO TEACHER ASSISTANCE allowed. Any style dance permitted. Tricks allowed.
Any routine executing all tap. Tricks allowed.
Teachers and teacher's assistants must compete in the teacher performance category, including any employee of the studio. Those persons competing in this category will NOT be eligible for High Score Awards or the Dance Magic All-Around trophy. This category will be awarded by 1st, 2nd and 3rd place only. IMPORTANT: The Teacher Performance Category will be judged as a single division.

Categories of Competition for Groups

3 & under      4–5       6–7      8–9      10–11     12–13      14–15    16–18      19–25       26 & over

*Tricks are defined as: Anytime a dancers' feet go over their head (Ex. cartwheels, aerials, minor tumbling)

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